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What We Do

As very highly skilled Edinburgh stonemasons, we carry out all aspects of stone craft to the highest standards.

Stonemasonry is a highly skilled profession and it takes years of training to get to the level we require from our people.

Having highly experienced professional masons mean that we are able to carry out any type of work in stone to the highest of standards.

We have been stonemasons in Edinburgh for around 27 years now, and we understand perfectly how to repair and rebuild all the many types of masonry buildings and structures in Edinburgh, Lothian and the Scottish Borders.

Traditional Stonemasonry

Understanding the traditional Edinburgh style and techniques is important and this is why we feel having a local stonemason working on your project is vital.
We are able to produce beautiful installations that range from an exterior garden wall to a full new-build house or office, all manufactured to the highest of standards.

Stonemasonry repairs

Stone, despite being superbly durable is after all a natural material and consequently it can suffer from the ravages of time or accidental damage.
Repairing stonework in a sympathetic manner is a skill all of its own and we are specialists in working with older buildings and ensuring that repairs are carried out effectively and to the best possible standards.

Conservation and restoration

Historic and traditional buildings require an understanding of the original methods and techniques used and the experience needed to effect a seamless repair.
Matching stone and using the correct lime mortar is paramount and we take great pains to ensure that our repairs match the original style and colour completely.

Lime mortar pointing

Sometimes the stonework of a building can be fine but the pointing between blocks will be damaged and require repair.

It’s important only to use lime mortar with stone blocks and we are experts in repointing stonework and making it look as good as new.

Low impact stone cleaning

Although the air quality in Edinburgh is so much better than it used to be, time still takes a toll on stonework.
Blackened or discoloured blocks, whether that be from pollution or more natural causes such as moss and lichen can totally destroy the look of a property.
We use the finest low-impact cleaning methods to restore the appearance of stonework to the client’s requirements.

We can of course build anything you can imagine in stone. We can build or rebuild walls from small front garden walls to the largest. We can part rebuild damaged or decayed walls. We can build or rebuild gate pillars, ornamental features, chimneys, stairways and steps.

We can construct driveways, paths and patios in natural stone. We can turn windows into doors, doors into windows, and of course form brand new stone doors and windows. Repairing of collision damage.

Lime Pointing Edinburgh

All types of masonry lime pointing carried out to the highest possible standards to stone and brick. Our lime is carefully chosen to match the existing or original mortar in both colour and texture. Lime pointing is a traditional, time consuming art at which we are experts.

Edinburgh Stone Repairs & Restoration

We exclusively use lithomex for our stone repairs and restoration. Lithomex stone repairs, when carried out expertly are extremely cost effective and very convincing repairs to sandstone masonry. They can be accurately colour matched, and are of the same texture as stone.