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Employing the best stonemasons Midlothian has to offer, we have been offering stonemasonry services in Midlothian for over 25 years with satisfied customers across the region.

Over that time, we have built an enviable reputation for both our work and our service and our vast experience in all aspects of stonemasonry ensures that whatever you and your structure needs, we’ll be able to repair, renew or rebuild it using traditional techniques and materials.

Whatever the project, we’ll ensure that you are kept-up to date by our Midlothian stonemasons ensuring you are always kept fully up-to-speed and are satisfied at every stage of the process.

Whatever type of stonemasonry work you’re looking for in the Midlothian area, you can rest assured that we will be able to help you. Our services include:

Chimney Repairs Midlothian

Exposed to the full force of the Scottish weather, all stone chimney stacks will at some point need some repair and maintenance work. For over 25 years, our professional stonemasons have been working on chimney repairs Midlothian-wide, working on every kind of chimney you can imagine carrying out minor repairs to complete rebuilds.

Working to the very highest standards, our stonemasons also ensure that all the traditional design elements of your chimney are preserved, and we do this by only using the very best tried and tested traditional techniques and materials. These have been passed down through generations of Midlothian stonemasons.

Stone Repairs Midlothian

Perhaps you need some stone replacing, a stone wall that needs repairing or even needing a complete rebuild. If you want the highest standard of stone repairs Midlothian stonemasons can offer, then you need to call on our services.

Carrying out stone repairs in Dalkeith, Bonnyrigg, Eskbank and all over Midlothian for over 25 years, as well as specialising in the restoration of listed stone buildings and period properties, we also specialise in the care and repair of traditional stone and lime built solid masonry walls and other structures.

These walls can often be hundreds of years old and require the very finest stonemasonry skills to maintain them to the highest standard, prepared and repaired to last many years more.

As with all our services, we only use traditional stonemasonry techniques along with the finest traditional materials.

Lime Pointing Midlothian

If you have a stone property or structure in Midlothian then it is critical that you understand the importance of lime pointing the masonry to ensure its long term health and appearance.

Failure to repoint with lime will eventually allow water to enter the wall and will lead to the masonry deteriorating as well as possible damage to internal woodwork and plaster. Don’t be tempted to listen to people who advocate using cement based mortars on traditional stonework.

Quite simply, it is too strong, impermeable and not flexible enough for such a wall. We only use lime mortar because this is what these walls were originally built with and it is perfect for them, allowing the building to breathe. Your stonework will not only look better using such traditional materials, it will last longer too. Our artisan stonemasons are highly experienced in all aspects of lime pointing.

Other Stonemason Services

Whatever kind of stonemason service in Midlothian you are looking for, our time-served craftsmen will be able to help you with a complete range. That meas as well as lime pointing, stone and chimney repairs, we can assist you with:

  • Stone structural work
  • Stone patio installation and repair
  • Stone path installation and repair
  • Stone waterproofing
  • Stone driveways installation and repair
  • The removal of load bearing walls
  • Supply and installation of natural stone slabs
  • Window mastic work

This is just some of the stonemason services that we can offer in Midlothian.

Why Choose Us?

  • Stonemasons may be relatively easy to find but good ones are not, and each and every one of our stonemasons is time served, City and Guilds qualified and extensively trained in all aspects of traditional stonemasonry.
  • With decades of experience working on every type of stone building and structure across Midlothian, you are guaranteed the very best quality work and customer services.
  • More than 30 years experience in stonemasonry working across Midlothian
  • Our stonemasons are traditionally trained and have the full range of stonemasonry and sandstone restoration skills.
  • We only use the very best traditional techniques and materials such as lime mortars.
  • Honest, transparent and flexible quoting.

Everything we do is completely transparent and we can come and quote you at any time of day that you require. We’ll ensure you understand our quote and know just what you are getting for your money.

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