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Stone Building

We can of course undertake any stone building work to build anything you can imagine in stone. We can build or rebuild walls from small front garden walls to the largest. We can part rebuild damaged or decayed walls. We can build or rebuild gate pillars, ornamental features, chimneys, stairways and steps

We can construct driveways, paths and patios in natural stone. We can turn windows into doors, doors into windows, and of course form brand new stone doors and windows.

Please look at some of the stone building examples in the photos below to get a wee idea about what we are capable of:

Stone Building Edinburgh Edinburgh Masonry Stonemasons

Example 1:

 In this photo, you can see stone building work of the bottom half of a building we replaced in Midlothian. The stone had badly deteriorated due to highly caustic road salt being splashed up onto it.

The decayed stone was removed completely, and replaced with a freshly quarried durable sandstone. We tried to match the existing building in choice of stone shapes, scale and texture close as possible.

Finally the elevation was repointed in a durable lime mortar, and a nifty wee stone step added. The whole job looks good, and will last more than a lifetime.

Stone Building Edinburgh Edinburgh Masonry Stonemasons

Example 2:

In this photo, you can see our stone building work that we carried out to a 300 year old house almost right next door to our other example.

This building had the exact same problem.

In this project, you will note that the stone shapes are somewhat more random than the first example, and again we have tried to replicate this.

Unfortunately, the client did not have budget to repoint the whole of the elevation, so we tried to match the existing cement based pointing with a colour matched lime mortar.

Other Examples Of Our Work:

Stone Building Edinburgh Edinburgh Masonry Stonemasons
Stone Building Edinburgh Edinburgh Masonry Stonemasons
Stone Building Edinburgh Edinburgh Masonry Stonemasons
These pics show a stone driveway we constructed for a client in Murrayfield. First off we had to create an aperture through the wall to drive through and then remove a forty foot sycamore tree. We then removed three skipfulls of earth, and laid a six inch bed of concrete as a bombproof base for the natural stone slab cladding which was then fitted on top of this concrete.

Next we built the small driveway perimeter walls you can see, added a couple of steps into the garden and repointed everything, including the existing walls with a durable lime mortar.

Finally, we had a blacksmith we work with build, supply and fit the lovely gates you can see. We also had a tarmacadam contractor we know drop the kerb and pavement to local authority specification.

As you can see, it is a beautiful and absolutely permanant addition to the home and garden, with the natural stone of the drive complimenting the house and surrounding walls beautifully.

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