Edinburgh Masonry Services

Edinburgh Masonry provide a variety of stone masonry services throughout the Edinburgh area. Our services include Chimney Repairs, Stone Restoration, Lime Pointing and Stone Building.

Chimney Repairs

Edinburgh Chimney Repairs - Edinburgh Masonry

We are highly skilled in all aspects of chimney repairs in Edinburgh. Chimneys, being sited where they are, are often neglected when carrying out exterior masonry repairs or maintenance.

Stone Repairs

Stone Building In Edinburgh

Our stone restoration Edinburgh service is the repair of decayed or damaged stone. It is the act of restoring the masonry piece back to its original profile and re-instating its surface finish, texture and colour.

Lime Pointing

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Lime pointing, or lime repointing is the process of removing the existing mortar from between the joints and beds of the individual stone pieces and replacing it with new lime based mortar.

Stone Building

Stone Repairs - Edinburgh Masonry

We can build or rebuild walls from small front garden walls to the largest. We can part rebuild damaged or decayed walls. We can build or rebuild gate pillars, ornamental features, chimneys, stairways and steps.