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Chimney Repairs

We Can Repair Any Chimney Problem You Have!

At some time, your chimney is going to need maintaining due to wear and tear, weathering, and old age. Our chimney repairs Edinburgh services gives you peace of mind knowing your chimney is being looked after by professional, experienced stonemasons.

All our masons are City & Guilds qualified and accredited giving you highly skilled stone masons who excel at chimney repairs in Edinburgh. You will find our lovely masons are vastly experienced, friendly, polite, and always helpful.

They say that ‘out of sight is out of mind’ and for chimneys that is certainly true.

Most people give little thought to the state of repair of their chimney until something happens.

Making repairs, cleaning or even removing a chimney are specialist jobs and need to be handled properly.

We can help you with all sorts of issues with your chimney;

  • Chimney rebuilding – if you have a stack that is breaking up due to damage to the blocks or pointing then we can rebuild it.
    From simply re-setting a few bricks to a full removal and replacement, we can provide the best possible solution for your problem.
  • Chimney removal – With the country making great strides in cleaning up pollution, many people are moving to electric heating.
    Consequently, removing a chimney and making good the roof is a good option as it reduces any worry with regards to maintaining the installation.
  • Chimney repointing – Repointing your chimney is a smart move as it prevents further damage and even falls from the stack.
    Repointing is simple, as long as you use the right materials and that you have the correct safety setup. We are specialist at working at height and can ensure that your job is completed safely and to the highest standard.
  • Bird proofing – Birds nesting in your chimney can cause a great deal of damage and of course if you are still using your open-hearth can cause a fire risk.
    We have a variety of methods of bird proofing not only your chimney but other facades that could suffer from the attentions of our feathered friends.
  • Reduction in height – It’s possible that for aesthetic purposes or for safety reasons you may wish to reduce the height of your chimney.
    We are able to safely remove courses of bricks and then reinstate the look of your chimney, removing all spoil and leaving you with a tidy, finished job.
  • Chimney pot maintenance – Whilst the chimney stack may be in fine fettle, terracotta pots can suffer from freeze damage due to the porous nature of the clay.
    We are able to source a suitable pot, often of the same vintage and then fit to retain the aesthetic finish of your roof.
  • Lead Flashing – chimneys are often joined to the roofline using lead flashing sheets and strips however it is possible for the lead to become damaged which can lead to water leaks through the roof.
    We are able to survey the joints and identify areas that require attention and then produce a watertight join that will survive even the most horizontal of Edinburgh rains!

Long Lasting, Beautiful Chimney Stonework

You will receive up to 25 years guarantee on all our chimney work, as we know our chimney repairs Edinburgh services are strong and durable. Your chimney repair will have the finish you ask for and will probably be the envy of your neighbourhood.


Hard Workers: We Go that Extra Mile

Unlike some may, we do not just arrive, slap your chimney together, and leave. We take the time to ensure your chimneystack receives the care and attention to detail it deserves.

Your chimney repair will be treated with the utmost respect and we will not leave until you are satisfied our chimney work is of the highest standard.

As Good As New

We will complete your chimney repairs to a “new build” standard in every respect from structure, to form, lime pointing, and finish. Your new chimney stone will be able to withstand the harshest weather Scotland has to offer.

We can certainly help you with any problems with your chimney stonework giving you complete peace of mind. You won’t need to sit worrying every time there are strong winds outside.

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