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Stonewall in Eskbank, Dalkeith

Here we see a close up of a stone wall in Eskbank, Dalkeith that we restored back to life. This old stone wall was in really bad shape before we carried out the restoration.

The wall had to have around 100 stone pieces cut out and replaced. We sourced reclaimed stone that was pretty much identical to the original, so the replaced masonry is very inconspicuous.

After replacing the stonework we then repointed the wall in a sympathetic lime mortar, giving it a new lease of life.

Sandstone wall, Bonnyrigg

A client in Bonnyrigg asked us to do something creative with a tired old brick wall. He would have like a brand new sandstone wall, but the budget was not available for this.

What we did was use a cement based stone coloured mortar to form the “stone” pieces you see here.

After the stone effect render had dried, we repointed the stone pieces and added a wee cost effective coping stone to the top, and finally we had our blacksmith Ian manufacture and fit the railings you see here.

The client was delighted with his new “stone” wall.

Stone Repairs, Morningside

Here are some examples of lithomex stone repairs we carried out to a beautiful house in Morningside. Here you can see close ups of two badly eroded stone mullions we restored using lithomex stone repair mortar.

After effecting the repair, we added the tool marks, known as droving to the flat surface as per the original.

Finally we dirtied down the repair with a wee secret mix we use for aesthetically aging the stone, making it blend in almost invisibly.


Shop Front, Gorebridge, Midlothian

This picture shows a double glass fronted shop in Gorebridge, Midlothian that we removed and replaced with stone when the shops were turned into flats.

The client supplied the stone in the picture, which to be honest wasn’t the best. It was a couple of skipfuls of odd-shaped offcuts from a local stone merchants, but he asked us to see what we could do with it and this is the result.

The stone cladding is approximately 150mm thick and is pointed in a durable lime mortar. I have to say it looks pretty good considering the stone we had to work with.

Stone Driveway, Murrayfield

These pics show a stone driveway we constructed for a client in Murrayfield, Edinburgh.

First off we had to create an aperture through the wall to drive through and then remove a forty foot sycamore tree. We then removed three skip-fulls of earth, and laid a six inch bed of concrete as a bombproof base for the natural stone slab cladding which was then fitted on top of this concrete.

Next we built the small driveway perimeter walls you can see, added a couple of steps into the garden and repointed everything, including the existing walls with a durable lime mortar.

Finally, we had a blacksmith we work with build, supply and fit the lovely gates you can see.

We also had a tarmacadam contractor we know drop the kerb and pavement to local authority specification.

As you can see, it is a beautiful and absolutely permanent addition to the home and garden, with the natural stone of the drive complimenting the house and surrounding walls beautifully.

Repointing On 300 Year Old House

This photo shows work we carried out to a 300 years old house. In this project you will note that the stone shapes are somewhat random and we have tried to replicate this.

Unfortunately, the client did not have budget to repoint the whole of the elevation, so we tried to match the existing cement based pointing with a colour matched lime mortar. We got it pretty close, and the client and ourselves were both very pleased with the result.

Stone Rebuilding, Bonnyrigg

In this photo we show stone rebuilding of the bottom half of a building we replaced in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian. The stone had badly deteriorated due to highly caustic road salt being splashed up onto the bottom metre or so of the building and completely destroying it.

The decayed stone was removed completely, and replaced with a freshly quarried durable sandstone. We tried to match the existing building in choice of stone shapes, scale and texture close as possible.

We could have matched the building colour more closely by using reclaimed stone but the client and I elected for much more durable new sandstone at the expense of a colour match due to the buildings proximity to the road. It will of course weather over time.

Finally the elevation was repointed in a durable lime mortar, and a nifty wee stone step added. The whole job looks good, and will last more than a lifetime.