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We always use lime pointing for a fresher, cleaner look and finish.

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We are a boutique Edinburgh stonemasons and for over a quarter of a century we have specialised in the repair of Victorian and Period sandstone buildings and structures.

We have been stonemasons in Edinburgh for around 27 years now, and we understand perfectly how to repair and rebuild all the many types of masonry buildings and structures in Edinburgh, Lothian and the Scottish Borders.

We can, of course, build anything you can imagine in stone. We can build or rebuild walls from the smallest front garden wall to the largest retaining wall.

We can part rebuild damaged or decayed walls. We can build or rebuild gate pillars, ornamental features, chimneys, stairways and steps. We can construct driveways, paths and patios in natural stone.

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Stone Building Edinburgh

As Edinburgh Stonemasons, we can undertake any stonemasonry building work you require. We can build or rebuild your walls from anything in small front gardens to the largest, in fact, we can tailor our services to your exact needs…

Chimney Repairs Edinburgh

All Edinburgh Masonry Solutions stone masons are highly skilled in every aspect of stonework repairs. Chimneys are often out of view or at a distance and can get neglected. We can breathe new life into your old stones…

Stone Repairs Edinburgh

We can restore your masonry back to its original profile for finish, texture, and colour. Our expert Edinburgh stonemasons will complete your stone masonry repairs to the highest standards possible and to suit your lifestyle…

Lime Pointing Edinburgh

We can remove your existing decayed mortar from between the joints and beds of the individual stone pieces. This expert masonry work is carried out by the most friendly, professional stonemasons Edinburgh has to offer…

Masonry Services

Edinburgh Masonry Solutions are more than capable of providing a variety of stone masonry services throughout the Edinburgh area. Our services include Chimney Repairs, Stone Restoration, Lime Pointing and Stone Building…

Case Studies

The pic above shows a stone driveway our Edinburgh Stonemasons constructed for a client in Murrayfield, Edinburgh. First off we had to create an aperture through the wall to drive through and then remove a forty foot sycamore tree…

Example before and after


This is a typical situation we find in all corners of Edinburgh.

The masonry in this job was obscured by ivy and so the first thing to do was to strip back the vegetation so that we could see what needed to be done.

As so often happens in our city the wall itself had become covered in green moss and the ivy had undermined the blockwork with roots infiltrating the pointing.

We dug out the roots from between the blocks so that the same problem wouldn’t happen again and then started work on the masonry.

Most of the blocks were absolutely fine and one of the judgements we have to make when working on old exterior masonry is how much of the original patina we want to retain.

Stone is a natural material and having ultra-clean blocks really doesn’t look right, especially when it is attached to a characterful stone house.

We did find that a number of the stone blocks had suffered damage, probably from freeze-thaw cycles and so we spent some time sourcing suitable blocks that would fit and look good in the finished wall


As we can see from the finished article, a properly repointed stone wall retains all the character of the original but is now safe and protected from further deterioration.

The original wall was typical of construction of the period in that it used a variety of materials of all shapes and sizes so we needed to make sure that when we replaced the broken sandstone blocks we found items that were as close to the original as possible.

We raked out all of the original mortar and removed the coping (top stones).

Then we removed the blocks that were damaged beyond repair and replaced them with sympathetically selected alternatives.

We then replaced the mortar with a durable lime mortar that ensured that the blocks were held securely in place and that will darken over time to match the pointing in the surrounding wall and house.

The coping stones were then re-set on top of the stone wall, again using lime mortar to complete the restoration .

Finally, we had a good tidy round as we never like to leave a dirty site behind us!

Client Testimonials

“Dear Jim, A big thank you for our new chimney. It looks lovely I must say, and Tom and Barbara are thrilled with it too. So nice to have real professionals carrying out the job. Thanks again!”

Mr & Mrs Kennedy

“Thanks for the great job to our back wall. It looks very strong now. When you have time, can you please come back and quote for the left hand side? Would be much appreciated. Ten out of ten lads.”

Joe Clark

“Just to say I am very grateful for the great job you all did this week. Greg next door is very impressed with the repair work too and says he will be in touch to have his done too. Once again guys, thanks very much.”

Eileen Connor

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What questions should you ask your stonemason?

When you are thinking of employing a stonemason, you need to make sure that you are working with the best and so you should ask some important questions before you start.

What experience do they have?

This is most important of all. What is their experience like? Are they specialist masons or just general builders? We only employ time-served, highly experienced masons who have a strong track record of exceptional work.

What qualifications have they obtained?

We think that there’s no substitute for experience in stonemasonry but having a top-level qualification shows that the person concerned takes their trade seriously. We employ City and Guilds qualified trades to carry out your work.

What is the payment schedule?

How do they expect to get paid? It’s highly unusual for stonemasons to be paid in full before work commences but they will have materials to buy and wages to pay so on longer jobs a staged payment schedule is the norm.

What is their knowledge of local planning rules and building regulations?

this is especially important in Edinburgh and if you are thinking about working with a stonemason you need to know that they are fully aware of all of the planning rules and building regulations currently in force. We are based in the city and have worked here for many years and so we are intimately involved with the local planning scene.

Have they done jobs similar to yours?

Does your prospective stonemason have photos of jobs that they have done recently, preferably the same as the one you are wanting done? Any experienced tradesperson should have a good portfolio of work that they have carried out successfully.

Will they give you a referral to past customers?

Do they have any former customers you can speak to so that you can find out more about how the job went? If not then you need to ask why? We have many happy clients and are happy to refer you on to them (with their permission).

What about the removal of waste?

Something that often gets forgotten but that causes significant annoyance and inconvenience is the waste left behind after the end of the job. Whilst there will always be some disruption, especially with major jobs, we aim to leave your site looking like it did before work commenced and we always responsibly dispose of any waste and spoil from our jobs.

Is everything included?

does the quote you have been given only cover stonemasonry and are there other charges you need to be aware of? We always give an all-inclusive quote so that you can be sure that you can budget properly for your job.

What aftercare is available?

Stone is a natural material and it is fair to say that for some time after the finish of the job there may be some settling or change in appearance. We offer a full aftercare service so that if you need any remedial works carrying out you know that we will be there. We include a written guarantee on all of our work.

What materials will they use?

Working with stone is a very specialised job and particularly in Edinburgh must be done using the correct materials to obtain the right look. Using general building materials isn’t acceptable and for instance, we use only lime mortars for pointing.

Why do you need an experienced stonemason?

If you are looking for someone to carry out work on your property you may be wondering why you need to employ an experienced stonemason.

The fact is that working in stone has a very different skillset from other jobs such as general building and having someone with a depth of experience is vital.

It’s important that you find someone who has experience in all types of stonemasonry and recognises the different styles and materials traditionally used in Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, if your tradesperson hasn’t got the right experience, they may use materials that are incompatible with the natural properties of stone and inadvertently make an issue worse.

We only employ the very best tradespeople who have a wide range of experience in working in stone, whether that be restoration works on historic buildings or building a new installation from scratch in a domestic property you can be sure our people will know what to do.

Properties in Edinburgh need to be repaired in keeping with traditional designs and methods and having someone on our side who has been working in the city for many years is a definite plus point.